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Oh look, a Kenny Loggins reference!  Don’t see those too often these days.

Yesterday, it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Unfortunately, the air conditioning unit that was graciously left for us to use in our bedroom burned out last Autumn, and we are unable to remove it from the window because it was so lovingly, hand-craftingly cemented into place with boards and nails and glue and other things people use to keep a large, heavy, metal cube from falling out of a window and killing someone two floors down.  We’ve spoken to the landlords about our desire to remove the unit, and they have promised to get it out of there, but two weeks later it’s still there and we’ve sweat through every night this week.

So last night, we pulled the mattress out of Melissa’s couch and slept on the floor in the living room, which HAS a working air conditioning unit.  Ironically, I froze my fucking ass off sleeping on the side of the mattress next to the unit.  So, tonight if we sleep in the living room again, I will be turning down the cold.  Because there’s got to be a middle ground.


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