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I’ve let things stagnate in my online world. My personal website is in the toilet thanks to hackers, my Flickr account hasn’t been updated in months, and I don’t care about Twitter in the least. But I’ve given up on the personal site, and I’m going to devote myself to making this my personal blog from now on. So… this is my first official post on this I guess.

It was a weekend of cleaning. Melissa took Katie to dance class Saturday morning, leaving me home alone with Elizabeth. She slept a little bit, and I pulled out the ladder, some tile scrubber and a sponge and scrubbed the black mold off the ceiling over the shower. The stuff warns you not to let it get in contact with skin or especially eyes, so I put on some latex gloves used for cleaning the cat box and… uhoh, my shades are out in the car. And they would make it difficult to see the mold anyway. I have some goggles that do nothing, but don’t know where I’ve put them. So, I found a pair of 3D specs from going to the movies once and wore those to protect my eyes. The cool part was that they really made it look like the chemicals were coming right at me! By the time Melissa got home, the ceiling was white again. Off white, I guess.

Sunday, we went to church. I attended on the agreement that if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to go back. My problem is not going to church, my problem is going to church with a little 3 year old girl who refuses to go with the other children to their little Sunday School lesson, but refuses to sit still and behave when sitting with the grown ups. Katie would lie on the pew and put her feet up on Melissa or me, exposing her underpants to the world, whine and talk over the sermon, cry when we told her to hush too many times, and just be a general nuisance and embarrassment. I personally don’t care about listening to what the minister was saying, or about singing songs. For me, it’s sitting in the cathedral, with the stain glass windows and the high ceiling and just the sheer opulence of the building. I’d probably get the same feeling sitting in a celebrity’s mansion, but since there aren’t too many celebrities who let you just sit in their house and bask in the extravagance of their home, I’m stuck sitting in churches and feeling small while someone talks about Gods and such. To be fair, the church is a Universal Unitarian, meaning that they don’t preach about any specific religious creed. The minister on Sunday spoke more about babies and how the church does not push any beliefs on its members, which seemed more like an ad campaign than a sermon. I wondered what he could possibly talk about next week, or if he just says the same thing each week. I guess I’d have to go and find out, but I’m not sure if it’s worth putting up with Katie’s behavior again. Perhaps with time, she’ll be willing to go with the other children and draw, but– like her dance class– it’s never going to happen unless we force her to go, kicking and screaming the first time, which is something I don’t foresee Melissa being willing to do in front of everybody in church.

After church, we came home, had lunch, and while the children napped, began more cleaning. Melissa completely overhauled the kitchen set up, while I tidied up the living room and later, Katie’s bedroom. It’s not perfect, but it’s better. The kitchen looks fantastic. We still can’t use the sun room, but some day soon, I hope to.


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