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*Wil and coworker stand in line for flu shots*
Wil: “I thought you got a flu shot before. Why did you mark it no?”
Coworker: “Oops, I just marked no for everything! What did you write for the other answers?”
Wil: “This is a flu shot consent form, not a quiz. Don’t copy off my work!”

Flu shot lady: “Which arm do you want it?”
Wil: “What do you mean?”
Flu shot lady: “Well, What hand do you write with?”
Wil: “Why is that relevant? Is the arm going to fall off?”
Flu shot lady: “Fine. Relax the arm. STOP TENSING!”
Wil: “I can’t help it, you make me nervous. You’re too excited to be using those needles!”
Flu shot lady: “Just let your arm go limp.”
Wil: “Is it going to hurt?”
Flu shot lady: “No.”
Wil: “Did you numb the area? I can feel you pinching me. Does that stuff numb my arm? Ow! I felt that.”
Flu shot lady: “Here’s your paperwork.”
Wil: “Do I get a band-aid?”
Flu shot lady: “You’re not bleeding.”
Wil: “So no band-aid?”
Flu shot lady: “Do you want a band-aid to take home with you?”
Wil: “I did, but not now.”
*wanders off*

Coworker: “My arm hurts. Last year it hurt for two days.”
Wil: “Did you feel it when she stuck you with the needle?”
Coworker: “No, I didn’t. She told me it was done but I didn’t feel it happen.”
Wil: “I felt it. I don’t think she even gave me anything, I think she just jabbed me with that needle.”


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