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Perhaps for my own sake I should start documenting my thoughts here concerning my desire to create a new game. I’ve often worried about the demand today for snazzy graphics and complex gameplay and my inability to really jump into a career in game design because of the high demand for experience. But then I’m reminded that despite powerhouses like EA and Rockstar and all the other giant companies out there, the indie market is alive and well and thriving thanks to avenues like XBox Live Arcade and such. And when you consider the constant stream of negative press the large companies get about their work hours and slave wages and other forms of misery, I have to wonder how much longer those places can keep themselves going before they collapse under their own weight. Gaming started small, and I think the future will be a combination of those same small beginnings and a larger more communal type of effort. After all, the internet is now ripe with people who know how to program and who share their experience and snippets of code with anyone who asks. It’s not about making money, it’s about making something people want to play or even better, expand upon.

Perhaps that’s why I devote so much of my time to reading and rereading about those big names who lead the way and whose games I grew up playing… John Romero, Jordan Mechner, Sid Meyers, Chris Roberts, etc. They and their friends and other assorted employees lead the way for people like me, and once upon a time all I wanted to do was be them. Sadly, I neglected my own vision in favor of doing what others wanted of me, and as a result I never honed my skills and attempted to fulfill my aspirations. I hate that regret… it fills me every day. It sits in my stomach and rots.

No more of that. I don’t want to be 40 and still regretting never doing anything. Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s time for me to relearn what I’ve forgotten, get my hands back in the code and learn how to make games.


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