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I think it’s important to remind myself of something as I try to begin this new project. I am not a toolman. I don’t make the tools that make the game, and I never have. When I look at my idols, the people I want to be like, like Romero and Mechner, they made the tools… the map editors and other things to make the games. I’ve never done that. Look at what I’ve done: A game I wrote in high school was based in Hypercard using the Hypertalk language, the games I made for Adobe used LiveMotion 2 and the javascript/actionscript compiler… I have never been about making the tools, I have always been about using the tools others made to make something people want to play. I have to remind myself of this, because when I think about where to start, I worry that I need to start by building a map editor or some underlying code that makes things work. I don’t. The tools are already out there, and they are available to me to use. I should not be afraid to use them. Things like Game Maker may seem cheap and amateurish, but then just look at the games people have been able to make using them. Do not feel like you are limited by using something someone else made to help you get started. Get that foot in the door, Wil. A foot in the door is all it takes. Worry about the rest later.


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