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I didn’t get even a fraction done that I wanted to this weekend. Virtually no programming at all. Friday night went great, and then Saturday and Sunday went downhill. Friday night, I discovered that my desire to make the game so that when an enemy isn’t in your line of sight, you can’t see the actions it takes was as simple as a single line of code in Game Maker. The compiler has a simple function that allows you to check if object A and object B are separated by object C… in my case, object C would be a wall. Using this, I made a little demo of a smiley face walking through a dungeon, and everywhere it went, it lit up the area around it, with light being blocked by walls.

Saturday morning, the power in the whole neighborhood went out. When it came back on, I found that I had not saved the code after having my epiphany, and a good three or four hours of work was lost. I could recode it, but it was just so frustrating that I couldn’t will myself to do it all over again. Besides, it was just a demo, and the real application of the lighting effect was unreasonable to do on a game-wide scale. I’d have to find a less CPU intensive approach to that problem, if I ever really felt it was worth incorporating into a game.

So Saturday, rather downtrodden about losing my code, I fiddled with reading instead. Then we were busy that night, and Sunday morning I watched the baby while Melissa and Katie attended church, and then I went out and looked for a programming book at Borders, but their selection on game programming was three books thick. I think I’ll have to resort to Amazon. Sunday night, I caught up on some television and then before I knew it, it was 11 o’clock and time for bed.

I played some GTA:Vice City in the afternoon on a nostalgia trip. I don’t think there is a game yet made with quite the same atmosphere as Vice City. I love the 80s, I love the music, I love the voice acting. If it had some of the mechanics from San Andreas, like the ability to climb walls and swim, it may have been the perfect game. I hope Rock Star makes a sequel for it some day. I don’t think this should be the last we hear of Tommy Vercetti.

Maybe I can get back on the wagon tonight.


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