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I’m really starting to get into my programming. I have dreams where I’m working on code. This can be frustrating at times, because the sleeping brain does not adhere to logic. Not only does what I write make no sense even to my sleeping self (and yet works flawlessly), but when I actually look at what I’m writing, I can’t read it.

Thanks to dropbox, I can work on the same code during lunch at work as when I come home in the evening, and I don’t even have to go transferring files from a flash drive or ftp. I haven’t gone to the gym at lunch in a good while. Part of me feels I should go, but the other part says “but then you won’t have any time to work on your code!” and that is the part that wins.

I hop on the computer after dinner and get right back to coding or manipulating pixels. I’m not even keen to hop on World of Warcraft most nights. I get frustrated by disappearing sprites. I sit and think about monster AI. I have a hundred ideas waiting to be implemented. It feels good.


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