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Things are progressing well for the game, despite an occasional hiccup or two. My computer at home almost bit the dust after I tried to clean it of what I think was a virus. Fortunately, I managed to salvage the situation, and thanks to keeping my files in dropbox, nothing was lost.

Then it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks… just sort of like something snapped in my head, and I realized I was doing things all wrong in how I was generating the monsters. I was putting all the information including the player’s stats into a single 2D array. In order to obtain a monster’s health, I had to call that array and the value that pointed to its health. Now, instead, I simply put the health in the monster object and call the instance’s monster.hp to get the hit points. I am no longer tracking the monsters via any sort of variable, which may come back to bite me in the ass later, I don’t know, but keeping all of their variables inside the object code is a much more efficient method.

I also programmed an inventory system which I plan to improve both graphically and functionally. Right now, you pick up items off the dead monsters (guaranteed item drops each time atm), and they are at the moment all weapons that you can equip. By pressing I, you bring up the inventory list screen. By pressing E, you bring up a prompt asking what item you want to equip (based on the item number in the inventory screen). The inventory screen shows you what item you are carrying, and each item has a different damage value, so you will noticed when you start out, hitting monsters with your flashlight, they take a long time to kill, but when you’re wielding the rusty chainsaw, they die in only a few hits. I hope to incorporate small sprites that will change the player’s appearance to show what he is carrying and dressed in. Also, I set up a prompt at initialization to get the player’s name. Small things, but they make a big difference.

A screenshot of the inventory system, the player-entered name and equipping items.


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