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The code is coming along nicely. What’s really satisfying is when I start to work on a new aspect of the game and realize that I have already incorporated code that will easily allow me to add the feature in.

For example, I set up a function for special attacks that currently causes vampire bites to randomly affect you with a vampire’s bloodlust. The plan is that if you get this, the vampire can find you wherever you are but at the same time, you are somewhat stronger using melee weapons and living creatures can be fed upon to heal you (this code not in place yet). The same code will allow me to incorporate special attacks with certain weapons, and I’ve successfully managed to set it up so that the ONLY way you can kill a vampire is to stake it through the heart. Now, the thing is:

1. You have to have a stake equipped when you attack the vampire or your attacks will do nothing.

2. You’re fighting a moving thing, so even IF you have a stake equipped, you’re not necessarily going to get it in the heart.

3. Killing a vampire uses up the stake.

This means that vampires are currently the nastiest monsters of the game. Run into one and you better have a stake handy. Run into a nest of them and you can be quite screwed. While testing the code, I ended up in a scenario with three vampires hunting me and no stakes available. It was quite panic-inducing.

Of course, eventually there will be furniture in the game, and finding an axe will allow you to chop that up into stakes. Maybe I better get that code in next, because vampires are vicious otherwise.

This is what you'll see if you have too many vampires and not enough stakes.


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