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As I work on this game in its limited visual representation, I’ve come to recognize the necessity for brevity and alternate methods of communicating ideas. So much of the screen is needed in order to see what is going on, what is coming, and what is around you to help plan your next move, that I am limited in the area available for text. Originally, I had just intended to write everything that happened in a session to a status string that gets updated and shown with every move. As statuses change, the string is written over with these changes. However, as things begin to move and attack and do other things, it can become crowded at the top of the screen where the status message is posted. Either things get missed or the string of text can extend beyond the edge of the visible screen.

So I’ve found myself having to find alternate ways to let the player know what is happening. Instead of dictating every attack that hit and attack that missed, I had already implemented visual cues: if something is hit by an attack, there is a spark of red on their sprite. If they miss, nothing happens. That right there can tell the player so much. So why amend it to the status string? Realizing that, I have proceeded to look at other ways to convey the actions of the game in ways other than words. In the meantime, since I understand a player’s desire to know what the hell is going on by reading, I’ve added code to write everything that happens to a file called “survive.txt”, and written every action as if it is a story being told. Perhaps, with time and experience, I can create a game that allows the player to then use the text file to post their own unique story for others to read.

Steps I’ve taken so far to reduce the clutter of words:

1. Flashes when a person is struck by an attack
2. Death effects (little bloody fireworks)


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