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Now I don’t exactly know with 100% certainty that the thing I’m about to tell y’all about was paranormal per se, but it shook me up something fierce. One of those moments that sears into your brain and you see sometimes when you close your eyes, ya know?

My family’s got a log cabin, a sort of summer cottage, only “cottage” is a rather generous term for it… “shack” might be more appropriate. Rusty well water on the tap, wood stove for warmth, and a decrepit old outhouse for doin your business in. Obviously, to keep the place nice, you build the outhouse a good distance from the cabin, so people don’t gotta smell it all the time. This also means that when you wake up in the middle of the night and you really gotta go, you got a good hike ahead of you– through dark woods.

When I was twelve, I thought I was hot shit. Had a younger brother who was afraid of his own shadow when it came to that place, I used to scare the living daylights out of him at night, and get in a good deal of trouble for it. One day we’d gotten into a decent number of fights, so instead of bunking in the same room as him, I slept in the adjacent room. I don’t know what time it was I woke up, but it was plenty dark and everybody was so quiet you could hear the bugs outside, which is always disconcerting. I like to at least hear someone snoring to know the world didn’t end while I was asleep. I had to go pretty bad, so I sat up and was looking for my shoes in the dark when something thumped against the wall right behind me. That was the wall to the bunk room. I ignored it, but it happened again, so curious what was going on in there, I tried taking a peek through on of the knotholes in the wall.

What the fuck did I see but a god damned eye looking right back at me. Damn thing nearly startled the shit out of me, and I hissed, “God damnit, Ben!” (that’s my brother’s name). I pounded my fist against the wall in the hopes of giving him a good rap, then fumbled through the cabin to the front door to head to the outhouse, grabbing the flashlight my father left by the door for just such an occasion.

So I headed to the outhouse and fucking everything went quiet, because you spook all the forest animals with your wavin that light around and crunching through all the branches and stuff. My brother peekin through the wall had spooked me a little, but I was generally more concerned with what would happen if I ever crossed paths with a bear out there at night.

I got to the outhouse, I went inside, and it was lit by this single, like probably 5 watt bulb that was connected by yards of extension cords to an outlet by the house that you hadta flip on. As soon as I entered, all the crickets and birds started back up their noise. I was finishing up my business a minute or two later when the light went out. At the same time, all the noise stops again. I just cursed and turned on the flashlight, figuring Ben was being an ass or maybe he got up to go and didn’t know the light was already on. I pulled up my pajamas, fumbled around with the seat and then I heard someone trudging up the path. They stopped outside the outhouse and didn’t make a sound. I just stood there listening for a moment, waiting for them to knock, but they never did. The edge of the door had a half knothole in it, so I took a look through that to see who it is and

FUCK ME IT’S THAT SAME GODDAMN EYE STARING THROUGH THE KNOTHOLE AT ME. I jerked away, and now pissed I sat down and kicked the door with the flat of my foot. I heard the person stumble backward a second and then there was this sound, like a giant breath, like someone’s just sucking all this air in, and then WHAM the fucking door came in like someone hit it with a battering ram. The door didn’t open, mind you, it buckled. The wood splintered inward, cracked almost in half in places, but the door held. It didn’t matter, because I just started yelling bl… no, I’ll be honest, I was screaming bloody murder. I thought for sure I’d just pissed off the grand daddy of all bears and it was going to bust its way in and eat me. It was a good thing I’d just finished going, let me tell you.

I did not stop screaming until I heard people yelling and lots of running in my direction. I heard my mother yelling and then my father banged on the door until I unlocked it. My parents saw the door and instantly thought “bear”. My brother Ben was still in bed, I actually scared him so bad with my screaming that he wet himself rather than get up to go.

I’ll tell you though, I’ve seen bears since, and they don’t have eyes like we’ve got. What I saw… who I saw… that was a human eye. At least, I think it was. And if it wasn’t, what was it doing in the bunk room, peeking out at me before I went out?

I never slept alone in the cabin after that, and haven’t been back there in years.



  1. Awesome stuff. I love horror andit’s tough to get it right when you’re writing, but this is great.

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate any comments or critiques.

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